Uri Hasson


Uri Hasson (CV) grew up in Jerusalem. As an undergrad he studied philosophy and cognitive sciences at the Hebrew University. He completed his Ph.D. in Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute in Israel and was a postdoctoral fellow at NYU before moving to Princeton. He is currently a Professor in the Psychology Department and the Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University. His research program aims to understand how the brain processes real-life complex information and interacts with the environment; with a focus on integration of complex information over time and the interaction between two individuals and two brains during natural communication. Faculty Page

Liat Hasenfratz

Lab manager

Liat is a developmental psychologist. As M.A. student at the Goethe-University, Frankfurt, and during her PhD at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, she studied the role of motivation in learning. During her postdoctoral years as a fellow at the Martin Buber Society she started to search for theoretical and scientific tools from outside the field of psychology that can be applied to developmental research. She is currently interested to better understand the neuronal processes underlying development and learning.

Elise Piazza


Elise grew up in Rochester, NY and earned her B.A. from Williams and her Ph.D. from Berkeley. She is interested in how our brains extract patterns from the environment to facilitate communication. Her dissertation research investigated efficient mechanisms for understanding the multisensory world, including statistical learning, statistical summary (i.e., “gist” processing), prediction, and adaptation. Personal website

Amy Price


Amy grew up in the itty bitty town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, surrounded by corn fields and Antioch College. She studied biochemistry and molecular neurobiology as an undergrad at the University of Florida, then completed her PhD at the University of Pennsylvania studying the neural mechanisms of semantic memory. For her postdoctoral work, she plans to study models of semantic comprehension in the context of naturalistic stimuli. Personal website

Meir Meshulam


Meir grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel. As an M.A. student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he experimented with “rational emotions”, and his Ph.D. research at the Weizmann Institute of Science focused on problem-solving and on mind-wandering. Before coming to Princeton, he spent a couple of years doing machine learning in industry. He is currently interested in developing data-driven models to better understand the neuronal processes underlying ‘high’ cognition.

Asieh Zadbood

PhD Student

My research involves human memory and communication and how previous memories/exposure help us comprehend the surrounding world and understand each other. In the meanwhile, I enjoy thinking about questions like what is memory and how it's related to our conscious experience of the world.

Mai L. Nguyen

PhD Student

Mai Nguyen grew up in Washington State. She studied psychology and biology at Stanford and earned a master's degree in experimental psychology at Cambridge. She is currently studying neural synchrony during communication and the processing of naturalistic stimuli across modalities.

Claire Chang


Claire Chang grew up in Taiwan and got a bachelor degree in law, masters in linguistics, and PhD in cognitive neuroscience. During her PhD years, she spent twenty months in INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit in France as a visiting fellow. She has studied in different aspects of language processing, e.g. lexical tone, visual processing in reading, and syntax. She now works on communication in a broader sense, namely, inter-personal interaction, especially the dynamical coupling between two brains using the hyperscanning technique.


Hanna Hillman

Research Specialist

Hanna grew up in the woods of rural Wisconsin. She attended the University of Minnesota, where she studied neuroscience, psychology, and sociology. Her senior project was, “A modern take on the Vulcan Mind Meld: The development and direction of brain-to-brain interfacing”. She’s worked as an independent business consultant, illustrator, and had a one-day high fashion modeling career atop a dressage horse in the Austrian Alps. She intends to pursue a PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience.

Ariel Goldstein


Ariel uses cognitive computational models to try to understand high-level cognition. More specifically, he is interested in constraining computational models of cognition by brain data. His current focus is on using ECoG and speech data to map concepts in the neuronal space.

Silvy Collin


Silvy grew up in the Netherlands. She has a bachelor's and master's degree in biology, and spent her PhD years at the Donders Institute investigating episodic memory organization in the hippocampal-cortical system. She is interested in how memories of our experiences are organized in the brain, and how these memories can be continuously updated with new information. She uses stimuli like photographs and videos to investigate these processes in a realistic setting.

Sam Nastase


Sam studied cognitive science and philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, earned a master’s degree at the University of Trento in Italy, and received his PhD from Dartmouth College. Sam is interested in using naturalistic experiments (e.g., watching movies, listening to stories) and multivariate statistics to investigate how our brains construct a semantic understanding of the world. His current work is focused on the neural machinery supporting action understanding, modeling shared and idiosyncratic responses across brains, and how we use language to transmit our brain states to others.

Gina Choe

Research Specialist

Gina earned a B.S. in Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. She is primarily interested in devising innovative methods to study higher cognition. Her current project aims to understand the neural basis of semantics using ECoG and machine learning algorithms.

Zaid Zada

Research Specialist

Zaid has a bachelor’s in Computer Science and is working on a master’s degree specializing in Machine Learning. He is interested in applying Machine Learning techniques in Neuroscience research. His current focus in on using ECoG data and neural networks to understand semantic representations in the brain.

Bobbi Aubrey

Research Specialist

Bobbi grew up in Wisconsin. She completed her bachelor's degree in neurobiology and communication science & disorders at the University of Wisconsin. She ultimately wants to study neurorehabilitation techniques following Traumatic Brain Injuries and Stroke in graduate school while pursuing her PhD in neuroscience.

Chris Baldassano

Former Postdoc

Chris grew up in Pennsylvania and got his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton. His PhD work at Stanford focused on scene perception and representation in high-level visual cortex, and he currently studies how naturalistic events are perceived and remembered.

Yun-Fei Liu

Former Research Specialist

Yun-Fei came from Taiwan (not Thailand!) He studied electrical engineering, and later got an MA degree in biomedical electronics in National Taiwan University. He worked in NeuroSky, an EEG/ECG biosensor company, before coming to this lab. Yun-Fei is particularly interested in natural reading comprehension, and wants to come up with a practical experiment design to study this behavior. But he is also willing to embrace any opportunity to "find out why we do the things we do", as the BBC podcast "The Why Factor" puts it. And Yun-Fei is a huge fan of Japanese anime.

Aditi S. Rao

Former Research Specialist

Aditi is from Skillman, New Jersey and just graduated from the University of Michigan in April 2017 with a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Gender and Health. She is primarily interested in research focused on memory consolidation during sleep and language processing. She is currently working on a project exploring semantic encoding using ECoG.

Yaara Yeshurun-Dishon

Former Postdoc

Yaara was born and raised in Israel. Her master's dissertation dealt with sleep (specifically nap) and memory. Her PhD work involved studying the unique aspects of odor memory. In her postdoctoral work, she plans to investigate the neural representation of shared memory.

Mor Regev

Former PhD Student

Mor Regev grew up in Jerusalem, Israel, and holds a B.Sc. in Psychobiology from the Hebrew University. In her PhD research, she is interested in the neural mechanisms that characterize human perception of complex linguistic information over time and across modalities.

Janice Chen

Former lab member, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Janice Chen grew up in Alaska, did undergrad at MIT, research at University of Washington, PhD at Stanford, and was at Princeton from 2012-2016. She studies how human memory operates over different timescales, and how the medial temporal lobe system interacts with other brain regions to support these processes. Lab Website

Erez Simony

Former lab member

Erez Simony grew up in Tiberias, Israel. He received his B.A. in Physics, B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. He completed his Ph.D. in Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Since 2012, he has been a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. He studies the dynamical properties of large-scale brain networks during the viewing of natural stimuli.

Yulia Lerner

Former lab member, Research fellow, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Yulia Lerner's journey began in Azerbaijan, a republic located on the Western shore of the Caspian Sea. At Baku State University, she earned a master's degree in mathematics, before moving to Israel. She completed her PhD in Neurobiology at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where she studied how the human brain reconstructs fragmented visual information gathered by eyes, like pieces of a puzzle, into meaningful wholes. Since 2009, she has been a postdoctoral fellow at the Princeton University. Her research focuses on brain processes that are involved in the integration of complex natural information, under various neuro-psychiatric pathologies (e.g. moderate cognitive impairment (MCI), schizophrenia, etc.).dd Description here

Chris Honey

Former lab member, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Chris Honey was born and raised in southern Africa. Before coming to Princeton, he studied brain networks with Olaf Sporns at Indiana University. He studies how information is integrated over time within the brain, and how information flow is organized between brain regions. Lab Website

Ido Davidesco

Former lab member, Postdoc

Ido was born and raised in Israel. He did his PhD in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he studied face perception and visual attention using intracranial recordings in epileptic patients (ECoG). In his post-doctoral work, he plans to study the interaction between two brains during natural communication using ECoG and fMRI.

Michael Chow

Former lab member, PhD.

Michael came from the rocks and crags of Idaho. He is interested in individual differences in working memory, as well as probabilistic modeling.

Lauren Silbert

Former lab member, PhD.

Lauren's research focuses on verbal communication and interpersonal interactions. She is most interested in understanding how people communicate on a neuronal level, and what makes some people "click" but not others.

Yuan Chang Leong

Former lab member, graduate student, Stanford

Yuan Chang is a former research assistant in the lab. Currently, he is a graduate student at the Psychology Department at Stanford University, working with Jamil Zaki

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